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Nicholas Brown


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The Mammy

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Finglas, Dublin,


Brown family
Agnes Flannigan (sometimes)


Agnes Flannigan (sometimes)


Harold Brown - father
Terrence Brown - brother
Mary Brown - sister
Agnes Flannigan - wife
Mark Brown -son
{Frank Brown} - son
(in Agnes Browne and The Chisellers)
Rory Brown - son
Dermot Brown - son
Catherine Brown - daughter
{Simon Brown} - son
(in Original Series)
Trevor Brown - son
Bono Brown - grandson
Ringo Brown - grandson
George Brown - grandson
John Brown - grandson
Gonson Flannigan - brother-in-law
Dorothy Flannigan - sister-in-law
Theodore Brannigan - son-in-law
Betty Donegal - daughter-in-law
Maria Nicholson - daughter-in-law
Dino Doyle - son-in-law

Voiced by

James May


Nicholas " Redser " Brown was the son of Harold Brown. He grew up in Finglas. He married Agnes in 1961 when he got her pregnant. His son Mark was born the following year. Agnes's water broke at the altar, but she was in labour for more than 100 hours total. He and his wife went on the have five more sons (FrankieRory, Dermot, Simon and Trevor) and a daughter, Cathy. He was very fond of drink. Agnes and the family attempted to get in touch with his spirit in the episode Mammy's Break.

Redser met Agnes at Sadie Braidie's birthday party. He was drunk and he was in a corner on his own throwing up. When asked what he wanted to drink he said "get me a pint of anything" and they gave him windolene.

The friends he was with helped him outside and they had his trousers down and one of them had two fingers up his bum. Agnes asked him what they were doing and the man said he was trying to make him sick.Agnes remarked they wouldn't make him sick like that and his friend said he will when he puts his fingers in his mouth.

In Agnes Brown, it was stated that he was a kitchen porter in the Shelbourne Hotel in St.Stephen's green                

The only image off Redser is in the Mrs Brown`s A to Y of Everything. He is under the word Jicsaw. It is a image of Agnes and him getting married.


The time and cause of his death is uncertain. Agnes claims he died young leaving her with young kids. But he is also mentioned to have bought the family's dog, Spartacus (roughly 1996).

Agnes jokes that his last words were "Oh fuck it's a bus!!" He is also known to have been fond of drink and both his legs had been amputated on separate occasions.



"Me and your father had problems, we couldn't run off to a counsellor , we needed a referee"
― Agnes talks about Redser
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Bono is the only grandchild until John, George and Ringo are born. His nose is out of joint as he doesn't like having to share his gran. But Agnes assures him and tells him that they love him so much, they got him three new cousins.

Granddad Edit

"I didn't tell you, but my son didn't know it when he had a good thing. Happy Valentine's day"
― Grandad gives Agnes flowers
Main article: Granddad Brown and Redser

Granddad is Redser's father.

Mark BrownEdit

"Do I look like daddy?"
― Mark asks about his dad
Main article: Mark Brown and Redser

Mark is Redser's first born son.


He is also uncertain how many siblings (if any) he had. As Agnes had only one sister, Dolly, all other aunts and uncles of her children are probably his siblings ( mentioned Terry, Mary, and Gonso). Mary and Gonso are probably in good health as they attended Dermot's wedding.


  • He was probably an animal lover as during his lifetime the browns owned 2 hamsters, a turtle called Zip and their dog of 16 years, Spartacus.
  • His real name was Nicholas (as revealed in the movie Agnes Browne).