Prof. Thomas Clowne


Psychology professor


c. Mid 60s

First appearance:

iMammy (Batteries not included)

Last appearance:

Mammy's Inflation

Portrayed by

Mike Pyatt

Professor Thomas Clowne (last name pronounced cloon) is Cathy's college psychology professor. He made his first appearance in iMammy (Batteries not included) when he walks into Foley's alongside Cathy, who is on the rebound following her break-up with Mick. He is working on a book about how women's role in society has changed over the years, and becomes interested in interviewing Agnes for it. Agnes and Winnie always pronounce his Swiss surname clown, but Cathy is always quick to correct them. In Mammy's Going, he attempts to interview Agnes for his book, but she ends up making him admit his mother didn't like him.

Thomas' final appearance was in Mammy's Inflation where he asked Cathy to mind his dog for a year while he went to a university in America. Cathy, who was expecting a marriage proposal, was livid and ended their relationship on the spot.

The character of Clowne is portrayed by actor Mike Pyatt.


iMammy (Batteries not included)


Mammy's Going

Mammy's Inflation

Original seriesEdit

In the original series, Thomas is Maria's cousin.