'New Mammy' is the sixth episode of the second series of Mrs Brown's Boys and is the season finale.


Dermot and Maria's babies are due any day now, but with Rory and Dino at each others throats, things are not as perfect as Agnes would like them to be. One morning, Barbara, a colleague of Rory and Dino's drops by the house to try and cheer Rory up when the doorbell rings. Agnes answers and sees Dino, who is deeply miserable, so she invites him in and points him to the kitchen where Dino hears Barbara saying negative stuff about him. When Barbara realizes Dino is there, she tries to talk her way out of a bad situation, but without success. Rory professes his love for Dino. The two make up and go off to do some horseriding.

Cathy forces her mother to invite Mrs. Nicholson out, and they go down to Foley's for a drink. Meanwhile, Maria is at home when Buster drops by and gives her the keys to a recently vacated apartment. Then, just as Dermot arrives (dressed as Frankenstein), Maria goes into labour. When Dermot faints, Maria tells Buster to get help, so he rushes off to Foley's and tells Agnes what's happening. Everyone returns to the Brown household with Buster carrying a drunken Hilary and Winnie calls an ambulance. After Maria and Dermot leave in the ambulance, everyone waits anxiously for news. After two false alarms (the cameraman gets two phonecalls), Agnes receives news: Maria hasn't had twins - she's had triplets!

The second series ends with the cast singing Macy Gray's "I Try".


  • First appearance of Bono Brown.
  • Barbara, a character who has previously been seen mostly in Foley's, speaks for the first time in this episode.


Agnes: I'm your daddy's mammy, so you call me ...
Bono: Granny!
Agnes: That's right! And your daddy calls me ...
Bono: Mammy!
Agnes: Yes! And your mammy calls me ...
Bono: An old cow.
Agnes: Does she now?
Cathy is ordering some Italian food.
Cathy: A medium, thin-crust Hawaiian, please, and um ...
Agnes: (picking something out from the menu) I'll have the pageone.
Cathy: And a lasagne please. Thanks.
Agnes: Excuse me, I said the pageone.
Cathy: That's "Page One".
Agnes: Rory, why are you so sad?
Rory starts laughing.
Dino: Were you defending my honour?
Rory: A bit late for that.
Dino: Oh, Rory!
Rory: Ah, Dino!
They hug.
Agnes: Oh, Jesus!
Agnes: How did you meet Jonathan?
Hilary: I met him in France.
Agnes: Winnie went out with a Frenchman once.
Hilary: Really? What was his name?
Winnie: Creme de de Monty.
Hilary: (laughing) That's a liquor!
Agnes and Winnie: Do you know him?