"You know, just before my father die... He look into my eye, and say to me... *throat noise*

- Mr. Wang

Mr. Wang
General Information
Age: 75
Birthday: 15th September 1936 in Sichuan Province, China
Height: 5"3 (approximately)
Weight: 175 (approximately)
Address: Mr. Wang's Ninja School for the Blind, Finglas
Occupation(s): Ninja sensei
Family & Friends
Employees: Buster Brady
Series Information
First appearance: Mrs Brown's Boys D'Movie
Portrayer: Brendan O'Carroll

Mr. Wang is a character in Mrs. Brown's Boys D'Movie. He is played by Brendan O'Carroll.

Trivia Edit

Since he is played by Brendan O'Carroll, Mr. Wang and Agnes Brown don't appear in the same shot.

Burt Kwouk was originally set to play Mr. Wang, but he had to pull out due to illness. Excusing O'Carroll to play the slightly racist caricature.