Mark frank Brown

Basic info:

Born: 16th August 1962

Age: 55

Occupation: Carpenter


Agnes Brown


Redser Brown


Rory Brown

Cathy Brown

Dermot Brown

Simon Brown

Trevor Brown


Betty Brown


Bono Brown


Harold Brown

Other relatives:

John Brown (nephew)

George Brown (nephew)

Ringo Brown (nephew)

Maria Brown (sister-in-law)

First appearance:

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Portrayed by:

Pat 'Pepsi' Shields

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The eldest of the Brown children, Mark left school and started working at age 12, when his father died.

He is the steady and sensible one of the family. 

Original seriesEdit

1. The Last Wedding Part 1

2. The Last Wedding Part 2

3. Believe it or not

4. Good Mourning Mrs Brown

5. Triple Trouble

6. How Now Mrs Brown

7. The Seven Year Itch

Mrs Brown's Boys Original Series Edit

Season 1

1. The Mammy Edit

2. Mammy's Secret Edit

3. Mammy's Merchandise Edit

4. Mammy Rides Again Edit

5. Mammy of the Groom Edit

6. Mammy's Miracle Edit

Special (2011) Edit

1. Mammy's Ass

Season 2

1. Mammy Pulls It Off

2. Mammy's Coming

3. iMammy (Batteries Not Included)

4. SuperMammy

5. Mammy's Going

6. New Mammy

Specials (2012) Edit

1. Mammy Christmas

2.The Virgin Mammy

Season 3

1. Mammy's Spell

2. Mammy's Inflation

3. Mammy's Break

4. Mammy's Valentine

5. Mammy

6. Mammy Swings

Specials (2013) Edit

1. Buckin' Mammy

2. Who's a Pretty Mammy

Mrs Browns Boys D'Movie Edit


  • Mark is heavily dyslexic.