Maria Brown

Basic info:

Gender: Female

Born: 7th September 1983

Occupation: Nurse

Spouse: Dermot Brown

Children: John Brown, George Brown, Ringo Brown


Hilary Nicholson (Mother)

Sinbad Nicholson (Father)

Bethany (Cousin)

Mary Sheridan (Aunt, deceased)

Other family:

Agnes Brown (Mother-in-law)

Cathy Brown (Sister-in-law)

Mark Brown (Brother-in-law)

Rory Brown (Brother-in-law)

Trevor Brown (Brother-in-law)

Simon Brown (Brother-in-law)

Betty Brown (Sister in-law)

Bono Brown (Nephew)

First appearance:

The Mammy

Portrayed by:

Fiona O'Carroll



Maria Brown (née Nicholson): is Dermot's wife. She's very posh, but still a nice girl.


Maria Brown (formerly Maria Nicholson) is the wife of Dermot Brown and mother to John, George and Ringo Brown. Maria comes from a very wealthy and posh family with her mother being Hilary Nicholson. Maria married Dermot in the episode "Mammy of the Groom". Up until then they were engaged.

Mrs Brown's Boys Original SeriesEdit

1. The Last Wedding Part 1

Maria is engaged to Trevor However, with weeks to go till the wedding, Trevor became more concerned with the many thousands of people in the world who were dying from starvation

2. The Last Wedding Part 2

Trevor eventually revealed to a priest that he had applied to go to Rwanda as a volunteer missionairy. When his application was accepted, Trevor broke off his engagement to Maria, who had been getting close to Dermot, so she married him instead.

3. Believe it or not

4. Good Mourning Mrs Brown

5. Triple Trouble

In the begining of Triple Trouble, Maria is in labour, with Dermot and the rest of the Brown family encouraging Dermot.

6. How Now Mrs Brown

7. The Seven Year Itch

Maria plans Sharon Mcgoogan's hen party and wedding

Mrs Brown's Boys BBC SeriesEdit

Season 1 (2001)

1. The Mammy Edit

First appearance, having split up with Dermot because he wouldn't move in with her. By the end of the episode, however, they're engaged.

2. Mammy's SecretEdit

Does not appear.

3. Mammy's MerchandiseEdit

Initially disapproves of Dermot's decision to select his best friend Buster Brady as his Best Man.

4. Mammy Rides Again Edit

Does not appear until the last few minutes where she arrives at Mrs. Brown's house and she gets upset when her snooty mother describes the Browns as "riff-raff".

5. Mammy of the GroomEdit

She and Dermot marry.

6. Mammy's MiracleEdit

She is desperate to move out of the Brown household, but Dermot won't come and look at houses with her.

7.Mammy's AssEdit

Sings Silent Night.

Season 2 (2005)

1. Mammy Pulls It OffEdit

Is revealed to be pregnant.

2. Mammy's Coming!Edit

Reveals that Cathy's policeman boyfriend is married.

3. iMammy (Batteries Not Included)Edit

Tells Dermot that she thinks she might be carrying twins.

4. SuperMammyEdit

Does not appear.

5. Mammy's GoingEdit

She and the rest of the family try to organize a surprise birthday party for Mrs. Brown.

6. New MammyEdit

Goes into labour and gives birth to triplets.

7. Mammy ChristmasEdit

Plays a part in Cathy's ruse to punish Mrs. Brown for reading other peoples mail.

8. The Virgin MammyEdit

Appears in the Nativity and sings A Spaceman Came Travelling.

Season 3 (2007) Edit

1. Mammy's Spell Edit

Her and Dermot's triplets, John, George, and Ringo are christened.

2. Mammy's InflationEdit

Is first seen during the scene in Foleys, and later at the Brown household when everybody was expecting Thomas Clowne to propose to Cathy.

3. Mammy's BreakEdit

Is not seen until near the end when everybody is expecting Agnes to drop dead in the pub.

4. Mammy's Valentine Edit

Dermot overhears her saying that he isn't romantic, so he decides to prove that he loves her with a message plastered on a bus.

5. Mammy?Edit

When the Brown children suspect one of them may be adopted, she jokingly tells Dermot "Come on, Dermot Brown, or whoever you really are". Suffice to say, Dermot is unamused,

6. Mammy Swings!Edit

She pitches ideas for Rory and Dino's wedding.

7.Buckin' MammyEdit

Attends Mrs. Brown's Christmas bash, but things take a disastrous turn when Mrs. Brown nearly loses her temper with Maria's mother.

8.Who's a Pretty Mammy?Edit

Her aunt, Mary Sheridan, is killed in a car accident. She is unable to attend Mrs. Brown's New Years party as the funeral takes place in Killkenny on New Years Eve.


Although several members of Maria's family have been mentioned throughout the series, none have actually appeared on-screen with the exception of her mother Hilary. Other family members include:

Jonathan Nicholson: Maria's father, mentioned in Mammy Pulls it Off and New Mammy. He and Hilary met in France.

Bethany: Maria's cousin, mentioned in Mammy's Merchandise. She was Maria's bridesmaid at her and Dermot's wedding. She clearly doesn't have a high opinion of Dermot; in fact, when Maria told her family she and Dermot were getting married, Bethany apparently said "You're not gonna marry that scumbag, are you"?

James Nicholson: Mentioned in Mammy Pulls it Off. It isn't known exactly how he is related to Maria, though one can assume he could be her uncle seeing as Hilary mentioned Maria is an only child and Maria stated previously Bethany is her only cousin. He works for Celtic Insurance.

Mary Sheridan: Maria's aunt and Hilary's sister, mentioned in Who's a Pretty Mammy?; Dermot tells Agnes that she has died in a car accident and they may have to close down her clinic/whorehouse. She owned a pet parrot named Lulu whom Agnes, following some badgering, agreed to take in. When Lulu was shown to be familiar with cranky new priest Father McBride, hinting that he visited Mary's "clinic" frequently. Agnes saw this as an opportunity to blackmail Father McBride into signing a form that would enable grandson Bono to go to school outside the parish. The bird went to Father McBride in return.

Thomas Clowne :  in the original series Thomas is Maria's cousinn, but she hasn't seem him for years as she thought he was a drip


Mrs browns boys episode 0105

Dermot and Maria's wedding


  • Oddly Maria and her mother have different accents from one another. Maria's is Irish and her mother's is English.
  • Maria has appeared in every episode except Mammy's Secret, SuperMammy and Mammy's Widow Memories.
  • Maria also has a beautiful singing voice which she displayed in Mammy's Ass, The Virgin Mammy and Buckin' Mammy.
  • Her mother is English and moved to Ireland where Maria grew up.
  • Maria's actress is the daughter of Brendan O'Carroll, actor of Agnes.
  • The actress of Cathy is Maria's actress's, Fiona O'Carroll's stepmother.
  • Fiona O'Carroll is also married to Martin Delany who plays Trevor Brown in the show.