Mammy Pulls it Off is the first episode of Series 2 of the comedy Mrs Browns Boys and is the 7th episode overall (excluding Mammy's Ass).

Summary Edit

In the episode, Dermot and Maria have a baby on the way, and they are desperate for a place of their own. The newly-weds just can’t afford to move out, but Agnes has a plan to help her son.

Loving mother that she is, Agnes has promised the couple the money from Grandad's life insurance policy payout for a deposit for their own home. There’s just one minor hitch – Grandad is not dead. Caught between a suspicious insurance company and her God-fearing son, Trevor, Agnes has to resort to desperate measures to keep Grandad out of sight and her dream alive.




Maria: (about Buster) Maybe I was a little hard on him. Do you think does he still steal?"
Agnes: Are you kidding me? Does the Pope shit in the woods? (Maria looks puzzled) Well he would if there was a bear chasing him!
Sharon: You could become some big butch woman's bitch.
Agnes: Maria, don't open the feckin' fridge!