Mammy's Valentine is the fourth episode of the third series of Mrs Brown's Boys.


Betty asks Cathy to lend her a book about sex; Bono is at that age where children start to ask a lot of awkward questions, and Betty doesn't know what to tell him. Agnes decides to find a date for Valentines Day with the help of a gigolo website called "Dial-a-Dick".\

Also, Dermot overhears Maria say that he isn't romantic anymore, so he asks Buster to buy a bus reading "I love Maria Brown", but Buster messes up after he also writes "Cathy Brown doesn't need her tits blown up" (a possible reference to Mammy's Inflation). In addition, Grandad scores a threesome with the help of viagra.


Cathy: If you were going on a first date nowadays a man would expect you to perform felatio.
Agnes: Me, sing opera? (Cathy and Betty laugh). He'd have a better chance at getting a blowjob.
Agnes: (reading a newspaper) For Sale: Set of encyclopedias, no longer needed as I married a man who knows every feckin' thing.
Cathy: (after bringing up the website Agnes told her about) Mammy, they're gigolos.
Agnes: There's nothing wrong with Spanish men.
Cathy: You pay these men and they come out and have sex with you.
Agnes: That's disgusting! Jesus, thats immoral, its wrong, its just complet ... Oh, my God! I think I'm gonna get sick! How much do you pay them?
Cathy doesn't answer. She just closes her laptop and gives her mother a funny look.