Mammy's Tickled Pink is the 2014 Christmas episode of Mrs. Brown's Boys which aired on Christmas Day.

Plot Edit

Agnes has a new talking Christmas tree delivered by Buster Brady, but the tree appears to have a will of its own as it doesn't seem to cooperate whenever Agnes gives it the stop or start commands. Meanwhile, Dino is buying Rory plastic surgery for Christmas, but Agnes gets the wrong idea and assumes Rory is having a sex-change operation. Also, Agnes faces losing her best friend when Winnie tells her that Jacko's brother has died, and they are considering moving.

Trivia Edit

  • In one scene, Cathy and Agnes are watching Strictly Come Dancing, and Cathy says she would like to do it. Jennifer Gibney, who plays Cathy, actually took part in the 2014 season, but was voted out in the third week.