Mammy's Spell is the first episode of the third series of Mrs Brown's Boys.


Dermot and Maria's triplets (named John, George, and Ringo after the Beatles) have been christened, and a hypnotist is providing some entertainment down at Foley's, even hypnotizing both Winnie (who acts like a chicken whenever she hears "finger-licking good") and Agnes (who will think she's an Alsatian dog whenever she hears the word "triplets" and will become a stripper whenever someone says "baptism"). However, Mark and Betty give Agnes some bad news: Mark is being made redundant and there is no work out there, so they are having to emigrate to Australia, and in addition, Agnes' kitchen is falling apart.

Father Damien pays Agnes a visit, and accidentally uses the word that turns Agnes into a stripper, and before long, she has the priest running for the hills.


  • When Father Damien is talking to Agnes near the end of the episode, he says he knows she's upset about one of her sons emigrating, but if you listen closely, over the crowds laughter which almost drowns out his speech, he says "Trevor" instead of "Mark".
  • Agnes is supposed to think she's a dog whenever she hears the word "triplets", yet at the beginning of this episode, Maria says "triplets" within earshot of Agnes and nothing happens.


Agnes: (answering machine) Hello, this is Agnes Brown, I'm not taking your call because I'm trying to avoid somebody I don't like. Please leave your number, and if I don't call back, it's you.