Mammy's Inflation is the second episode of the third series of Mrs Brown's Boys.


Cathy is concerned when Professor Clowne keeps looking at other women's breasts, so she decides to undergo breast enlargement surgery to try and please him. The clinic gives her a size decider (blow up breasts) to help her find the size she wants. When Agnes tries out the blow up breasts for Winnie, she is unable to stop them in front of a clearly flabbergasted Father Damien; Winnie is eventually forced to burst one of the breasts by biting it. Also, Rory takes driving lessons with disastrous results, and Buster introduces Agnes to a half-blind man who will be decorating kitchen.

The Brown family is expecting Professor Clowne to pop the question to Cathy, but Agnes doesn't like him. At the Brown home, Clowne does pop the question, but not the one everyone was expecting, and certainly not the one Cathy was expecting; he asks her to mind his dog for a year while he goes to a university in America. A furious Cathy sends him packing by pointing towards the door, ending their relationship.



Winnie: (talking about Sharon) She speaks four languages, Agnes.
Agnes: And she can't say no in any of them.
Rory: Great news, Mammy! Me and Dino are getting a condominium.
Winnie: That's fantastic.
Agnes: Oh, Rory, be careful, they're not 100% safe.
(Rory looks puzzled)
Winnie: Your Mammy's right, Rory. Sharon's friend wore one of them and got run over by a bus.
Agnes: Shows you.
Dino: We got an apartment. Con-do-minium.
Agnes: All-fuckin'-right.
Dino: Bond. James Bond.
Agnes: Off. Fuck Off.
Agnes: (turning on the TV and catching only the end credits of Coronation Street) Ah, bollocks!
Agnes: Would you like a cup of tits ... tea, love! Tea?
Cathy: I should have known better than trusting you with a secret! (She storms off)
Agnes: I meant PG tits ... Tips!
Father Damien: (noticing Agnes' inflating breasts) Mrs Brown, are your tits swelling?
Agnes: I beg your pardon?