Mammy's Going is the fifth episode of the second series of Mrs Brown's Boys.


Spartacus, the family dog, is feeling poorly. The family hold a secret meeting and make the difficult decision to put the dog in a home. Agnes overhears them, but she thinks they're talking about her, and is determined to prove to them that she's sane, even going so far as to run laps around the block (she only manages to complete one lap). In addition, Professor Clowne is more determined than ever to interview Agnes for his book. When he finally gets to interview her, it ends badly as Agnes ends up reducing Thomas to tears when he admits his mother never had any time for him.

As Agnes comes down the stairs with a suitcase, she discovers the family aren't putting her in a home, but they've been planning a surprise birthday for her. Cathy and Dermot then reveal to her they were unable to put Spartacus in a home as the vet said she was too sick and had to be put down. As the rest of the family head off to Foley's, Agnes picks up Spartacus' lead and acts as if she's walking the dog. When she hears the echo of a dogs bark, Agnes sadly says "Good luck, Spartacus" and the episode ends.


Dermot: Poor Mammy. She'll be very upset.
Agnes listens.
Cathy: (about Spartacus) Is there not a home we could put her into? Then she could spend her last days with other old bitches.
Agnes, thinking they're talking about her, falls over.
Last lines
Agnes: Good luck, Spartacus.