iMammy (Batteries Not Included) is the third episode of Series 2 of Mrs Brown's Boys.


In the episode, Agnes explains that Maria is pregnant and her and Dermot are going to pre-natal classes. Meanwhile, Cathy is in a happy/bad mood as she broke up with Mick as she discovered he was married and so she leaves. Grandad does a puzzle out of Cornflakes and Buster enters and immediately starts to help him. Dermot and Maria leave and so does Buster. Rory and Winnie enter and Rory says he wanted to wish Dermot and Maria luck at the pre-natal classes. Winnie and Agnes explain when they had their babies and they say that Dermot was 13lbs 7oz and Sharon was 5lbs.

Back in the living room, Maria has a experimental robot baby from the pre-natal classes and she shows it to Agnes. Grandad wakes and asks the two to turn the noise down. They can't make the baby stop crying until Agnes takes the batteries out and sends Maria back to bed. In Foley's Buster jokes to Dermot about a flat in Beijing and Cathy introduces Professor Thomas Clowne (mentioned in Mammy's Coming!) to Agnes and Winnie and says that he is writing a book called The Place of Woman in Modern Society. Agnes explains that Nelly Flanagan has changed and Winnie out of nowhere introduces the subject of bowling. Maria says that Mr Donelon from the pre-natal classes is coming to check on the robot baby. Winnie finds out about dog leaves and uses them for telling the weather.

Dermot finds that the batteries are gone and immediately thinks Agnes has done it. Dermot puts the baby on Grandad's chair while it is rebooting and Grandad sits on it, breaking it. Agnes puts superglue on the leg that has fallen off. Cathy and Professor Clowne enter wondering if Agnes helped him with his book. Maria enters and Cathy introduces Professor Clowne to Maria. The baby is black as Agnes put the baby in the oven to let the glue dry. Maria went to the bingo with Agnes and explains that she might be having twins to Dermot, Agnes and eventually the rest of the family. The episode ends as Agnes explains what Grandad did with the children when they were younger.