Hilary Nicholson is a character in Mrs. Brown's Boys. She is Maria Brown's mother and serves as an antagonist in Series 1, only briefly continuing her upstaging ways in Series 2. She is the complete opposite of Mrs. Brown and is very posh and polite, although assumed to be the true main antagonist in the entire franchise, she serves as one of the primary antagonists in the franchise. Portrayed by Sorcha Cusack in Series 1 and Susan Blake in Series 2,3 and all Upcoming Specials.

In her first appearance, Hilary reveals that her maiden name is Sheridan.

Trivia Edit

  • Although Hilary is absent from Mrs Brown's Boys D'Movie, Sorcha Cusack does appear in it as Justice Dickie.
  • In the original series Hilary was married to a man named Sinbad and owned two black labradors, one of which was called Pegasus.