Fr. Quinn




Finglas, Dublin




Trevor Brown

Portrayed by

Mike Pyatt (original series)

Pat "Pepsi" Shields (live show, Good Mourning, Mrs. Brown)

Gary Lilburn (TV series)

First appearance

Mammy Rides Again

Father Quinn is the local priest on Mrs. Brown's Boys. He helped Trevor when he wanted to go on the missions. He believes he is losing his faith in Mammy's Miracle when his parishioners are either dying or converting to the Mormon religion. The Brown's convince him to remain in the priesthood by leading him to believe he performed a miracle (raising Grandad from the dead).

Father Quinn was first seen in Mammy Rides Again as one of the mortified guests at Paddy Murphy's funeral party in Foley's when Agnes Brown, under the impression that she is crashing Maria's hen party, bursts out of the toilet wearing fishnet stockings, riding an inflatable dildo and singing Sex Bomb by Tom Jones. He later shows up at the Brown residence with Paddy Murphy's grieving widow to talk to Agnes, who tries to explain she made a mistake, but she upsets Mrs. Murphy yet again by swearing at Hilary Nicholson

Father Quinn has been shown to have a drinking problem, most notably in Mammy's Miracle when he tells Agnes about his crisis of faith. He does not appear in the second season, but he is mentioned as being on retreat in the Christmas special Mammy Christmas and is replaced by Father Damien. Father Quinn's most recent appearance was in Mammy? where he and Father Damien ask Agnes to volunteer for the annual garden party. In Who's a Pretty Mammy?, he is mentioned as having gone on retreat again.