Father McBride (played by Jimmy Gibney) is a cranky new priest who debuted in Who's a Pretty Mammy? as the true main antagonist, After Maria's aunt, Mary Sheridan dies in a car accident, Father McBride and Father Damien convince Agnes Brown to take in Mary's pet parrot Lulu. After Agnes manages to convince Mark and Betty not to send Bono to St. Stephens, Agnes has to try to get Father McBride to sign a form that will enable Bono to go to school outside the parish, but the grumpy priest isn't budging. However, Lulu the parrot is shown to be familiar with Father McBride, hinting that he had visited Mary Sheridan's "clinic" for a few "favours". Father McBride asks Agnes if he may have Lulu, and Agnes uses this opportunity to blackmail the red-faced priest into signing the form.

Mrs Brown's Boy's D'Movie Edit

Father McBride only appears briefly in the movie conducting a funeral.