Dermot Brown:

Basic Info

Occupation: Promoter
Born: September 1978
Age: 39/40
Spouse(s)Maria Brown Sons: John Brown
George Brown
Ringo Brown


Agnes Brown


Redser Brown


Mark Brown,

Rory Brown,

Cathy Brown,

Simon Brown,

Trevor Brown.

First appearance

The Mammy

Portrayed by:

Paddy Houlihan

―Buster Brady

Dermot rorbert Brown is the 4th child and son of Agnes Brown, whom he causes more worry to than her other children. He is aged 39 years old. Like his brother Mark Brown, Dermot is married and also a father of 3 (triplets). Dermot is married to Maria Nicholson (Now Maria Brown) as of "Mammy of the Groom". Until then, he was engaged to Maria.

Early Life Edit

He went to a Private School, as recommended by a Judge. It was there that he met his best friend Buster Brady.

Original series Edit

In The First Two Series Dermot is played By Clyde Carroll the from Believe it or Not Paddy Houlihan takes over the role

Dermot brown

Dermot Brown from mrs browns boys original series

1. The Last Wedding Part 1Edit

2. The Last Wedding Part 2Edit

Trevor broke off his engagement to Maria, who had been getting close to Dermot, so she married him instead.

3. Believe it or not Edit

4. Good Mourning Mrs Brown Edit

hggr a missing watch threatens to ruin Buster's friendship with Dermot. Edit

7. The Seven Year Itch Edit

Mrs Brown's Boys BBC Edit

Season 1 Edit

1. The Mammy Edit

In the begining of the series, Dermot is dressed as a penguin to promote chocolate biscuits and is down as him and Maria have broken up. Dermot defends Maria when Agnes calls her a bitch and that she didn't do anything, and that he'd rather not talk about it .

The next time he is seen is when he returns home to see Maria in the kitchen, where Maria tells him to get stuffed and storms out. He asks Agnes what happens and after Agnes tries to explain, Dermot tells Agnes that he didn't dump her. She broke up with him because he wouldn't move in with her. Agnes reminds him that it's far too early to be thinking about it and he reminds her that he is 33 and Dermot says that he wishes that she would stay out of things and for once, mind her own business and storms out.

His final scene is in the Brown house where he is havng his councilling. At the end, he asks Maria to marry him

2. Mammy's Secret Edit

3. Mammy's Merchandise Edit

. Mammy Rides Again Edit

5. Mammy of the Groom Edit

Dermot and maria got married at the end of the episode

6. Mammy's Miracle Edit

Special (2011) Edit

1. Mammy's AssEdit

Season 2Edit

1. Mammy Pulls It OffEdit

2. Mammy's ComingEdit

3. iMammy (Batteries Not Included)Edit

4. SuperMammyEdit

5. Mammy's GoingEdit

6. New MammyEdit

Maria gave birth to

Specials (2012) Edit

1. Mammy ChristmasEdit

2.The Virgin MammyEdit

Season 3Edit

1. Mammy's SpellEdit

Dermot and Maria's triplets are christened.

2. Mammy's InflationEdit

3. Mammy's BreakEdit

Dermot has only a cameo in this episode with his only line being "Free crabs, get your free crabs" while dressed as a crab.

4. Mammy's ValentineEdit

5. MammyEdit

6. Mammy SwingsEdit

Specials (2013) Edit

1. Buckin' MammyEdit

2. Who's a Pretty MammyEdit

Mrs Browns Boys D'Movie Edit

Trivia Edit

  • In real life, Paddy Houlihan is married to Emily Regan who plays the role of Barbara.
  • Dermot was born at 12l bs and 8 oz., doctors were unable to deliver him with forceps. Agnes claims that they at one point were going for a rope and a tow truck. After giving birth, Agnes had 22 stitches.
  • In another episode, Agnes screams at Winnie telling her the pain of child birth, saying Dermot ripped the ass off her coming out and that he was 13 lbs and 7oz, suggesting that Agnes was mixing Dermot's birth up with another one of her kids who was born at 12 lbs and 8oz
  • Dermot's face, by the time the doctors [and Agnes] delivered him, his face was like an aardvark's ass