Betty Brown
General Information
Gender: Female
Age: 42
Birthday: 6th July 1975
Family & Friends
Family: Bono Brown


Relationships: Mark Brown


Friends: Maria Brown
Pet(s): Lemur
Employer: Ruban
Employees: Luke & Leon
Enemies: Agnes Brown

Rory Brown Danny

Series Information
First appearance: Mammy's Ass
Last appearance: Spanish Rory
Portrayer: Mikey Bolts

Betty is Mark's wife. She and Agnes have a love-hate relationship: Agnes quite likes her really, but still doesn't think she's good enough for her Mark. She is also good friends with her sister-in-law Cathy Brown; the two often go shopping together. She is voiced by Mikey Bolts.

Agnes manages to forget any ill-will toward Betty when she remembers her beautiful grandson Bono, now aged 6

It has been mentioned several times that Betty was from Donegal 

Original seriesEdit

In the original series Betty was played by Fionnuala Murphy.

1. The Last Wedding Part 1

2. The Last Wedding Part 2

3. Believe it or not

4. Good Mourning Mrs Brown

5. Triple Trouble

6. How Now Mrs Brown

7. The Seven Year Itch

8 . To Live & Die in Dixie

Mrs Browns Boys D'Movie Edit


In Mammy's Secret, it is implied that Betty isn't a natural blonde.

In the first season, Betty has blonde hair. In Mammy's Ass and throughout the second season, her hair is brown, but she goes back to blonde in 2012 Christmas specials.

Betty is not only Mrs. Browns daughter-in-law on-screen, but off-screen too as Amanda Woods is married to Danny O'Carroll (Buster Brady).

Although Amanda Woods did not play Betty in the original series, she did appear as a character called Baghdad Barbie , a cousin of Sharon McGoogan.

Betty has been featured in every episode except Mammy Pulls it Off and Mammy's Widow's Memories.