Basic info:

Gender: Female





Played by:

Emily Regan

First appearance

Mammy Rides Again

Barbara (played by Emily Regan) is a recurring character in Mrs Brown's Boys. Although she appears several times throughout the series, mostly in Foley's, she doesn't actually speak until New Mammy where she drops by the Brown household to check on Rory who has had an almighty bust-up with Dino and is feeling depressed. She makes some negative comments about Dino, calling him a "bitchy diva" before she realizes Dino is behind her and he tells her he has a new sweeping brush for her to try out.

Barbara works alongside Rory and Dino at the Wash and Blow hair salon, but aside from her occupation, no other facts are known about her except that in New Mammy, it is revealed she is a trainee.

Mrs Brown's Boys D'Movie Edit

Barbara plays her usual background, mostly non-talking role for the most part, but she only has two lines in the whole movie, and they are both spoken in the scene where she and Dino are preparing Rory for his failed swim across the Channel; first, Barbara compliments Rory for his bravery whilst rubbing sun cream on his chest before Dino moves her hand and tells her he'll handle it to which Barbara simply responds "Fine". She has no dialogue for the rest of the movie.


Barbara is also the wife of Paddy Houlihan (Dermot Brown)