Baghdad Barbie is a character from the original Mrs. Brown's Boys. She one of Sharon's cousins from Donegal and one of her bridesmaids at her wedding. She was played by Amanda Woods, who now plays the role of Betty. She admitted that she once fancied Mark Brown.

She also thinks she is in the IRA, a rebel and a freedom fighter.

When she fights, she wraps a handkerchief around her knuckles and uses it often on people, particulary men. She tried to do it to Betty after Betty called her a "tart", but Betty grabbed her fist.

The Seven Year ItchEdit

In the seven year itch, Winnie insists that Barbie becomes a bridesmaid for her wedding, much to th chagrin of Sharon.


Sharon McGooganEdit

"When I was four, she ate the arm of my Cindy "
― Sharon on her and Barbie's childhood
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Mark BrownEdit

"I took her to the party, that's that"
― Mark talks to Betty about Barbie
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Betty BrownEdit

"take some fuck off tablets and calm down"
― Betty snaps at Barbie
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Buster BradyEdit

"Whose this little beauty then?"
― Buster chats up Barbie
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